Bitcoin Manipulation Concerns

Bitcoin manipulation concerns among crypto traders because U.S. Securities and Exchange (SEC) Commissioner denied an application by Winklevoss twins for the first-ever bitcoin ETF. What is ETF: An exchange-traded fund. So the bottom line is you can just keep your money in an ETF which has a lot lower fees and you can watch the … Read moreBitcoin Manipulation Concerns

Bitcoin Game Changer coming

Bitcoin game changer coming as some traders predicting. But you should not think of the price of stocks and currencies as cheap or expensive based on what the price was in the past. What matters is what the price will be in the future, so, if you think the price is going down you should … Read moreBitcoin Game Changer coming

Tron (TRX) will Airdrop

Tron (TRX) will Airdrop: TRON Announces 30M TRX Airdrop To Ethereum Community Tron is among those altcoins the social media circles like to despise, primarily because the team is forever posting updates and small partnerships — that some might see as a fantastic thing. Best way to get more attention to your cryptocurrency is to announce … Read moreTron (TRX) will Airdrop

Will ETHEREUM Keep Falling

Why ETHEREUM Will Rise: ETHEREUM keep falling and traders/investors are getting nervous. It’s important to understand that ICO fundraising was an unexpected side effect of Ethereum’s smart contracts. “Smart contracts” refer to the distributed execution statements that make up software code. Decentralized computing, essentially, meant for the distant future. This is both good and bad news … Read moreWill ETHEREUM Keep Falling

Purk – Monetise Your Website With Cryptocurrency

What is Purk? Purk is an open source hybrid model, decentralized private cryptocurrency. Purk is based on Boolberry and CryptoNote technology, which is one of the most secure crypto solutions. Wild Keccak is used for the algorithm of Purk coin. The Purk coin is mineable and autonomous cryptocurrency like Monero. Purk looks to change the … Read morePurk – Monetise Your Website With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency will hit $1 trillion this year with bitcoin surging to $50,000, specialists say

Bitcoin Breakdown

Cryptocurrencies could go to a bull run larger than a year and pass on the trillion-dollar mark concerning worth, following a recent violent sell-off across digital coins. Bitcoin has seen a huge fall in recent days, falling below $6,000 for the first time because of mid-November. On Wednesday, it had been trading above the $8,000 … Read moreCryptocurrency will hit $1 trillion this year with bitcoin surging to $50,000, specialists say

TRX Hits New Record: What to Know About

TRX Hits

What is TRX? TRX hits a new high at $0.24. TRON protocol is the blockchain’s amusement system of free content, in which TRON’s coin is circulated. Much like Bitcoin, Tron is a cryptocurrency that’s traded online. The Internet is not entirely decentralized, and it’s become more concentrated than the old forces which have been overturned … Read moreTRX Hits New Record: What to Know About

Ethereum Breaks New Record: Is ETH Undervalued

Ethereum Hits

Ethereum Hits: The Ethereum network is once again proving to the world that there is pent-up demand for this supercomputer. 30,000 pending transactions. The market is demanding its use and the technology will improve over time. Implications: Ethereum will be orders of magnitude higher in price. As a result, Ethereum breaks a new record. Ethereum … Read moreEthereum Breaks New Record: Is ETH Undervalued

Buy Bitcoin Instantly With PayPal

Buy Bitcoin Instantly

It’s very hard to buy cryptocurrency if you don’t have access to exchange like Coinbase. Some exchanges have options to buy but have a huge backlog to verify your identity. Therefore, the only option left is to use the third party. One of the popular option to buy bitcoin is PayPal. Buy Bitcoin instantly via PayPal … Read moreBuy Bitcoin Instantly With PayPal

Should You Invest In Ripple: Ripple Price Up

Ripple Price UP

Ripple has a real potential to change the banking system, already 20k% Ripple price up this year. Most banks and financial institutions are using SWIFT for four decades and it stinks. A number of them are already embracing ripple to substitute SWIFT. Here are some reasons why Ripple (XRP) would rise or fall: 1. It’s … Read moreShould You Invest In Ripple: Ripple Price Up